About Us

Come on by Doumar’s, Hampton Road’s landmark diner and curb service restaurant, for fantastic made-from-scratch ice cream waffle cones, North Carolina-style barbecue, shakes, and more! This historic, family owned and operated restaurant has been serving up only the best, classic fare for over 100 years with incredible service.

We’ve had decades of success doing things the old fashioned way, from hand making our limeades as their ordered to supporting our fantastic staff in every way. Keeping with tradition, we also only accept cash (no checks or credit cards).

A History as Rich as Our Homemade Ice Cream

Doumar’s has been creating delicious homemade, fresh waffle cones since the restaurant founder, Abe Doumar, created the first waffle cone at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904. Just one year later, Abe opened up his first ice cream and waffle cone stand in Coney Island. Abe’s waffle cone was such a big hit that he soon became the owner of a chain of ice cream stands along the east coast, including one stand in Ocean View Amusement Park. The stand in Ocean View quickly became the most successful, which led the Doumar family to relocate to Hampton Roads. After a devastating storm destroyed much of the park in 1933, Doumar’s opened the current Monticello Avenue restaurant that is so popular with Norfolk locals today.

For more information about the restaurant’s rich history, please visit our History page!

Visit our gallery to see historic photos of Doumar’s, its staff and visitors through the decades, from the early 1900s and beyond. A lot of fun has been had at this landmark restaurant and we made sure to document it!

See Our Barbecue and Cones in the Making

On weekday mornings you will still find a member of the Doumar family baking cones on the  original cone machine, designed and built by their Great Uncle Abe over a century earlier. When the weather is nice, our staff will wheel the cone machine outside so that you and your family can enjoy watching the magic happen from the comfort of your car.

If you ever wonder how we make such juicy, fresh barbecue, come on inside during your next visit. We’ll be happy to show you how we put together the North Carolina-style barbecue that Hampton Roads natives have been enjoying for decades!

We do accept Visa, American Express, Discover or Mastercard with a $5.00 minimum on merchandise.