Egg Nog Shakes For Sale!

Beginning just two days ago, November 1st, our fan favorite Egg Nog shakes went on sale. We have served this particular seasonal shake for the past 82 years and we are looking forward to a busy 83rd.

The Egg Nog shake, served with whipped cream and a sprinkling of nutmeg, is such a big hit that many of our regular customers vie to be served the very first one of the season. This year’s first shake went to John Sires.

As a matter of fact, John was parked curbside at 5 a.m. in order to be first in line. Interestingly, Thad Doumar was driving up to check on the place after receiving a call from the alarm company. We are happy to report, John’s car was the only thing amiss. I guess being an early bird does have its advantages!

Make Your Own Orange Freeze!

Doumar's delicious orange freeze

The Orange Freeze (a blend of vanilla ice cream, orange sherbet, soda water and sugar) has been a classic Doumar’s favorite for decades. Now, you can enjoy this beloved, refreshing dessert at home by following the Orange Freeze recipe on the Food Network, posted by our very own, Thad Doumar. With four simple ingredients and one easy step, this recipe will keep you cool and happy all summer long!

Dou’s Celebrates 100 Years of Serving Hampton Roads

In 2008, Doumar’s celebrated a century of serving Hampton Roads the best ice cream in waffle cones, homemade barbecue, hamburgers, and much more! To mark this important passage, Terry Entertainment put together a twenty-minute documentary of Doumar’s remarkable story. With a rich history that sheds light on Norfolk’s own dramatic story through the past 100 years, this short documentary is sure to entertain. Interviews with Thad Doumar, Randy Windely, and Abe Doumar also give insight into the workings of this strong family business.